First post and I have no idea what to say!


This is me


Listening to Clarity – Zedd kind of expresses how I feel right now. Trying to let go and accept who I am and what I have to go deal with. This will be with me for the rest of my life and I have to get a hold of it. Whenever I think, I feel anxious, like something isn’t right. My thought process is all wrong and how I got to this point is part mystery, part logical and I hope to discover why I and I’m sure many others feel this way.

Anxiety has controlled my life for longer than I can remember.  Getting ready for school I would be anxious, getting ready to play football I would be anxious. I feel anxious about feeling anxious. I feel anxious about posting this blog because I feel like people will laugh at me for posting this. Why do I feel like that? What is wrong with my thought process for me to think so little of myself. I feel like maybe revealing how I really think and feel to anyone and everyone will help me overcome it.  I feel like I shouldn’t be scared to tell people how I really feel. Maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t, regardless this is my life, my story and my journey.

I don’t know who I am, but I know who I want to be.

This is a muffin’s story.

Stream coming soon :S


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Published by: Kinkymuffin

I've been through a lot, like many others before me, and many more to come. Drug addiction is no joke. It's a war that never ends. I've learned to cope with my addiction by writing truthfully about it. If it can help just one person, then it was worth it.

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