Life could be summarized by sailing a boat. You prepare yourself the best you can, and set out onto the open sea. It’s beautiful, yet deceiving as such, because it’s also incredibly dangerous. The wind is life. You cannot control it’s direction, you can only master your ability to harness it’s power. You either embrace it’s direction, and speed ahead, or you fight it…and go nowhere.

For the past two years I have been drifting on a boat without sails. Battered by winds I have no control over, struggling desperately just to stay onboard. A few times at the least I fell off, and I could have drowned. I chose to climb back on board, but I remained drifting in an open lonely sea. Sailless, hopeless.

Then I found Andy. A physiotherapist specializing in back pain. Andy, is an amazing person. I am just one of the peoples he has helped, and I cannot begin to explain how much he helped me. Instead I will use more sailing metaphors.

Andy gave me sails, and taught me how to navigate the winds, no matter how ferocious they were.

This is the first blog I can write in the two years of doing so, that I can actually say my back pain is dissipating. It’s no longer a big deal. The pain is sometimes not there, and more and more often I forget all about it. For the first time in years I have hope. I feel alive, and fucking tired thanks to Andy. (He makes you work pretty damn hard in the gym).

But it’s all good. Life with sails is so much better. Why?

You have a direction.

This post is dedicated to Andy and Mike. Mike for everything he has done for me, and Andy for giving me a chance to live again.

Thank you




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