How to stand up and fight mental illness

No matter how great you feel, no matter how much effort you put in,  no matter how fantastic things are going, it can still hit you when you least expect it. Often it’s out of nowhere, it just manifests itself and that’s that.

The truth is, no matter what you do, if you are like me, and have difficulty with mental illness (addiction, Depression etc. You will at various points in your life have difficult challenges to face.

That’s not to say everyone else doesn’t, of course they do, but understanding and explaining the extent to which depression or anxiety can effect one’s life is no easy job. The last few days has been particularly challenging for me. At the start I could feel the presence of depression, but I wasn’t sure whether I’d actually crash. As it happens, I did, and getting out of that depression over the course of the past few days has been an eye-opening, difficult, challenging, and amazing experience.

One of the key difficulties of depression, is that no matter how many times you’ve been through it, or how prepared you make yourself, you are never really ready for it. It’s so powerful and has such an enormous impact on your physical and mental health that it’s almost impossible to ” remember” what it feels like after you’ve bounced back.

It’s not always bad though, I guess in some regards when you do get out of it you feel so different, so good that it’s almost like an empowered non-drug connected high.

And you can and will go out. The key is to really believe that things will get better. When I was in a complete state, that’s what my dad say to me” Just remember it wont’t last forever. This gave me hope, and faith. And even though at the time I didn’t believe him, overtime I came to realise what he’d said was so true, and a very powerful tool.

If you are in a difficult pace, physically, mentally, try to remember that one simple fact. It  WILL get better. Might a long time, it  took 2.5 years for me and  am still no where near fully recovered, but because I believed him, I suddenly didn’t feel so depressed, so anxious. He reminded me what anyone should say to themselves or someone else struggling. It’s only a feeling, it’s not going to last forever, and you absolutely will get better. You just need to belief it, and it will start to happen.


3 thoughts on “How to stand up and fight mental illness”

  1. Thank you for your support, and response!
    Share with anyone you think might help. After all, that’s my purpose with this blog. Therapy for me, to know that I a helping others with what almost got me killed and ruined my life.

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