About Me

My name is Harrison,

I’ve been addicted to pain killers ever since I developed chronic back pain due to surgery. Around the age of 22 my lungs collapsed, I was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with spontaneous Pneumorathax. I then went through two Pleurodesis surgeries in an attempt to resolve the medical problems. It worked wonderfully, but soon after I developed severe chronic back pain. It was a downhill road from then, starting with depression, and anxiety, followed by an ever growing hunger for relief from the pain. Eventually, I realised that I’d become a drug addict, and for 2 years now I have been fighting for my life. Recovery is no easy road, I have fallen time and time again. I will never give up, I will defeat this addiction. I will get my life back. This is my story, my journey, and I’m sharing it with anyone who wants to read it, in the hope that maybe it can help just one other person see that there is a way out. It is not over, and you can always keep on fighting.

I write daily blogs, and am working on my autobiography, which I hope will help those in need like me, but also shed light on what it’s like to live as an addict.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support.

Contact : Kinkymuffin.au@gmail.com