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While running this wordpress blog is free, I want to move to a better domain. I want to get my message out there. My story, my advice.

I won’t lie, advertising is not cheap, but I have to start somewhere. I am unable to work, so I write these blogs instead. Hoping to help people as lost as I was. It also helps me a lot too just by writing them.

Please support me and my cause. Everything donated goes to getting my blog out there to more people. Eventually, if I’m able to work, then all donations will go to a charity that helps addicts. Once I find one I’ll make an announcement.

You can help me help others, by allowing me to advertise more, which means better exposure. Either you can become a patron of mine, or you can make a one of donation. Regardless of what you do, thank you for reading, and thank for your support.

One Time Donation Click Here